The T3S expression system is protein secretion system designed to provide fast secretion of recombinant proteins directly in the extracellular media.  The technology is based on the bacterial flagellar apparatus, which is a motility organelle composed of more than 20,000 large protein subunits that are translocated through the structure by the most robust protein secretion pump characterized to date, known as the Type-III secretion (T3S) apparatus.

The T3S apparatus secretes proteins at a rate of 10,000 amino acids per second directly out of the cell. Type-II secretion, which is commonly used for bacterial expression, secretes protein at a rate of 10 amino acids per second, and does not secrete directly out of the cell. In addition, the T3S system has an associated ATPase, which unfolds proteins as they are secreted leading by their N-terminus. These features allow for the T3S system to provide high yields of soluble secreted product.

For more information on the benefits of the T3S expression system, please download our executive summary.